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Lawsuit claims teachers indoctrinated teens into religious cult

A Connecticut family has filed a lawsuit claiming a public school district, a trio of high school teachers and others engaged in a "predatory religious indoctrination" that left their daughters speaking a "bizarre new language."
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Lost sea lion pup found in California orchard

That's the situation an adventurous California sea lion found himself in after swimming 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Dumb Starbucks: Authorities aren't laughing

The Dumb Starbucks stunt has come to an end, courtesy of L.A. County health officials. County health officials shut down the parody coffee joint Monday around the time television comedian Nathan Fielder emerged as the proprietor. Dumb Starbucks opened its doors this weekend in L.A., and the baristas gave away free coffee until they ran out. Link to Story

Ex-student calls teacher over alleged sex abuse, posts talk on YouTube

A woman who says a female teacher from middle school sexually abused her for years decided to confront the teacher -- and post video of the exchange on YouTube. Within hours, the educator resigned from her job at another school in California. Police launched an investigation. And the former student, who once felt powerless, now says she feels vindicated knowing the ex-teacher is no longer working with children.

Hundreds of snakes, many decaying, found in house in Santa Ana, California

Neighbors had been complaining for a while about the dreadful smell coming from William Buchman's house in Santa Ana, California. "The stench is overwhelming," said Forest Long, Jr., who lives nearby in the Orange County city. Long said friends were becoming reluctant to visit because of the nasty odor in the area.

Public outrage grows over Trayvon Martin shooting

HLN's Dr. Drew and Jane Velez-Mitchell teamed up tonight to try to make sense of the death of 17-year-old Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. . Martin was shot last month armed with nothing but Skittles and a can of iced tea. He was wearing a hoodie. Neighborhood volunteer watchman, George Zimmerman, fired at the boy claiming it was in self-defense. Link to Story

Paranoia: Does it explain killing?

Unarmed Trayvon Martin was shot & killed last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. Link to Story

Battlefield head injury to blame?

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales is accused of shooting and killing 16 Afghan civilians. Link to Story


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